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Veterans Military  Teller and Listener Play Opening Monologue 


(NARRATOR comes to center stage and addresses the audience. The curtain remains closed.)

Hello! and welcome! Welcome, to the Veterans, Military,
Listening Post, Teller and Listener play. You know, by your
attendance here today, you, demonstrate an extremely high form of patriotism. It's called, listening! We all know that patriotism comes in many forms... We at Veterans Military Listening Post believe that listening to our veterans and military is patriotism, at its best. 
 The personal and universal stories in today’s performance,
 are re- in acted by our wonderful cast of actors, Dancers and stage hands. There highly patriotic performance is second to none. The stories that are presented in our play today, focus on what Veterans Military Listening post calls, stories of turnaround, uplifting and positive outcomes. And, yes, perhaps as the stories unfold, we can recognize and see parts of our own stories.  


(NARRATOR takes a breath to speak but speaks humbly.)


We would like to thank our produces and sponsors for granting us this wonderful opportunity. It is the hope of our produces and sponsors that this play will touch your heart and transform all of us into teller and listener patriots honoring our veterans and military, always.
Most importantly today we want to thank our military who are presently serving, with our most sincere gratitude thanking them for their powerful, protective services for us, and the free world. 
IN the Military the term, ‘forward march’ represents, moving ahead in a strong determined direction. Therefore audience, this play, will start with, “FORWARD MARCH”