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The Center Point Method of Coaching


The center point method of coaching is simple. Begin now, proceed as, and provide for. Make the complicated simple and do the simple good. Having a Coach / Mentor / Guide or good friend is one of the principles of dynamic living. I have a coach / mentor, and thankfully a good friend. 
The approach to center point living is through meditation, mindfulness, and body movement. Apply these three methods, and good things will happen. The principle for sustainability will arrive at your door step. 


Progressing from your past and inspiring your future by living in the present. What is internal becomes external. What is specific becomes global. What is once can be multiplied many times.  

Body Movement

Movement is what we were made for. It sets us free. The sense of movement is the creativity of your center point. Transitioning and training in sound, precise movements, trains the body and mind to move with certainty. Centering, with movement within the body, will sustain, protect, and absorb any actions of irregular movement. You can protect yourself. Be strong and have endurance in your body movements.  


The center point method is internal to external, specific to global, once to several times. Be present in your center point living.  

Welcome to Center Point Living.