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There are stories that are interwoven within Veterans that, when shared, can become a healing factor that can transform pent up resistances such as PTSD into release processes that can create an HHHL  Healing, Healthy, Happy Life.

Just by listening to a person’s story – especially that of a combat veteran or a military person who has experienced trauma of any kind in their military tours of duty – can help enormously. The military experience changes an individual personally. From the safety and security of civilian life to a military lifestyle, is a series of influences that produce change of life actions within an individual’s personality. 

Most of the time, the person comes from a youthful lifestyle with a family life that was happy-go-lucky and full of security and safety. Leave this life and enter the military, and a transition takes place. The United States military system is the best, especially in terms of its effectiveness in this transformation process. This transformation is absolutely fundamental for the military to be effective and for it to succeed in its missions, especially in combat situations. It is the personality part of coming home that can get a person stuck in non-reversible activities that do not transform back to civilian life, especially to the life that was left in that innocent time before the military. 

Transition for most returning veterans happens in time with support from family members and patience with themselves. A person can redefine their personality to fit a new place and make themselves over into wonderfully healthy, productive persons. However – ask any veteran – it is not easy. 
The intent here for both the Veteran and the Listener is to help enter a readily developed program that can be of great help to veterans in overcoming some transition life resistances. This program is the Veterans Listening Post Project.


The military has used this listening process to their success in the early warning detection of their opposition for as long as warfare has been around. It’s called the LP (Listening Post). For instance, when a combat perimeter for, let’s say, a rifle company is set up, when night comes, a commander will send out a two-man team some distance beyond the fortified perimeter. This team will have special instructions to listen for unusual movement that could harm the company. Special instructions, such as password that provides access, are given beforehand so as to enable the team to return when needed to the fortified perimeter area. As good listeners, we can be as successful as the Listening Post.

The Listening Project’s purpose is the transformation of the person telling the story. It is the process of telling the story that will recreate in their personality a new healing state of mind. By telling the story and having a positive, personal listener, change comes that will bring about health and a renewed sense of purpose. Healing, Healthy, Happy, Life. 

The Listening Post Engagement Process: 

An arrangement of 10 - 30-minute sessions by phone works conveniently and very well for both parties. They can continue with their daily lives and meet by phone at suitable times that work for both of them.

The Listener is a person with a commitment to helping a Veteran. The special requirements for the listener are Patience, Compassion, Commitment, and Honor in themselves for their part in this journey.

The Veteran: Realizing that there is a story to tell for healing purposes.

The Listener: Commitment of time. The time process is committing to various times on a weekly basis to hear the Veteran’s story and to engage in the release procedure.

Session 1 Introduction:
The Veteran receives guidelines that they are asked to follow.
The Listener receives guidelines in preparation for each session. 

Session 2 Sharing:
The Veteran tells their story. 
The Listener receives the story.

Session 3 Release Session:
The Veteran tells their story, focusing on the resistances that they are experiencing.
The Listener receives the story.

Session 4 – Release Session:
The Veteran tells the story of what can help them.  
The Listener agrees with the story.

Session 5 – Healing Session:
The Veteran tells a story of what they consider would be Healing for them.
The Listener agrees with the story. 

Session 6 – Healthy Session:
The Veteran tells the story of what they consider would be healthy for them.
The Listener agrees with the story.

Session 7 – Stability Session:
The Veteran tells the story of how they will keep the changes that are healing and healthy. 
The Listener agrees with the story.

Session 8 – Help Session:
The Veteran tells the story of what kind of helpfulness from others would work for them.
The Listener agrees with the story. 

Session 9 – Happy Session: 
The Veteran tells the story of the suitable firmness and stability that is present in their lives. 
The Listener agrees with the story.

Session 10 – Completion Session:  
The Veteran tells of the progress of the Healing Healthy Stable Life style that has developed in their present life.
The Listener is supportive of this progress. 

The progress for the veteran is remarkable; All are winners. 

 Never leave a buddy behind. Support the Veterans Listening Post Project